Honda Partners with Sony On Future Electric Vehicles

Sony Vision-S Electric Vehicle Concept

As a critical player in the electronics industry, Sony has impressed the world with its innovations. In recent years, Sony has strongly indicated its intention to break into the auto industry. This intent was solidified when Sony debuted its all-electric concept vehicles, the Vision-S 01 car, and the Vision-S 02 SUV. Despite Sony’s strong interest in this area, it has struggled to establish the infrastructure necessary to stand firmly in the auto industry. This has changed thanks to Sony’s new joint venture with Honda, which is currently dubbed New Company.

These companies are both giants in their industries, so they bring unique elements to the table as they collaborate through New Company. Honda, for example, offers its strengths in production and design, supply chain logistics, and automotive sales. On the other hand, Sony will lend its capabilities in technological development and production for imaging, telecommunications, sensing, networks, and infotainment. New Company’s first all-electric vehicle will go on sale in 2025, and it could be similar to one of Sony’s concept cars in some areas.

Honda is already active in the electrified segment of the auto industry. Its collaboration with General Motors is expected to produce soon an all-electric SUV built on the Ultium EV architecture. In addition, the Honda brand has carried electrified options for more than a decade. Honda previously announced its bold intentions to electrify its lineup several years further.

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