Get Top Dollar for Your Trade

Top Dollar for Your Trade

Getting a great deal on your trade is essential to your car-shopping experience. Drivers who have positive equity in their vehicle may plan to use that equity as part of their down payment. By doing so, they may be able to apply for a lower sales price and establish lower car loan payments. On the other hand, drivers who have negative equity may plan to roll that equity into their new loan. This can increase the new loan payment. In both cases, optimizing the value of your trade-in vehicle is essential. Are you wondering what you can do to get a good deal on your old car?


Keeping your vehicle properly maintained throughout your ownership period is essential. This includes following the car’s recommended maintenance schedule and staying on top of as-needed issues. You may be at an advantage if the services are completed at the car dealership. This way, the dealer has easy access to the vehicle’s history, which could give you a better offer. You also should provide the dealer with receipts for all major upgrades, such as new tires, made over the prior six months. Immediately before you drive your old car to the dealership for an offer, take time to wash and wax it. This enables you to present it to the dealer in the best light.


Some drivers are uncomfortable negotiating with the dealer, but this could be advantageous for you. Before visiting the dealership, use an online valuation resource to get a fair idea of its value. If you have made upgrades to the vehicle, be aware that too many alterations or alterations that may not have universal appeal can actually detract from the vehicle’s value. As you negotiate with the dealer for a great offer, have its true value in the back of your mind.

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After doing the initial legwork, such as cleaning your vehicle and researching its value, you are ready to bring it into the dealership. Our Serra Honda Brighton associates will happily make a fair offer on any make and model that you currently drive. Drop by at your convenience, or schedule an appointment with us by contacting the sales office today.